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IMPORTANT: New 2021 Memberships Are Still In Question
Let's face it, 2020 sucked — and it brought our beloved profession to a near standstill. After much discussion, the WAFCA Leadership Committee decided not to offer new memberships in 2020. We just did not feel that professional evaluations could possibly be fair given the current and future landscape of theatrical film reviewing. Given this uncertainty, the current operation of our association, itself, is in flux — 2021 memberships included.

That said — here's the application form — just in case. The 2021 membership drive period will run through May 31, 2021. The WAFCA Membership Committee will review the applicants to determine eligibility and you will be informed of their decision AFTER JUNE 1st.

If we decide against 2021 memberships across the board, we will also let you know.

The Washington DC Area Film Critics Association is an organization of established film critics. We cannot get you a job, or make you a critic. That part is up to you! Membership with us comes later.

As WAFCA grows, it has become increasingly more important to maintain our professional standing with the studios and their agents. Sadly, that means having to be extremely protective of our membership and all that it entails. WAFCA members must meet (or exceed) strict requirements for membership, no exceptions. Please be sure to review the requirements below before completing this application:
  • Applicants must be professional film critics, or *very* well-established non-professionals.
  • Applicants must publish at least 50 reviews in a single calendar year between January 1st and December 31st for full voting membership. Reviews must be published via one of four mediums – print, television, radio or online.
  • Published print or online reviews must consistently be a minimum of 400 words. Television, radio or podcast appearances only count as a part of an ongoing, existing show or broadcast.
  • As WAFCA is primarily an organization of film critics, other entertainment coverage cannot be applied to eligibility quota.
  • Applicants should reside in the Washington, DC/Virginia/Maryland area. In rare cases, out-of-area members may be considered if they are published via a DC-based or DC-themed outlet.
  • Applicants must present documentation of meeting the required minimums, and existing members must re-qualify yearly to maintain membership standing.
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    Just the ones related to movies & your work, please.

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    Please tell us about your outlet(s). Provide links when possible.

    Where do your reviews/features appear? (please select all that apply)
     Online (including Podcasts, YouTube, etc)

    Your Work:
    As part of our requirements, please provide links to your past work (ideally, an archive of at least the past 12 months).

    Are you a member of the DC (or other market) press list?

    Please note that WAFCA membership does not grant you access to the working press list for movie screenings. We have nothing to do with that. You will have to secure press authorization directly from the studio reps on your own.

    Are you a member of any other critic organizations?

    Anything else we should know?

    Note: WAFCA Membership dues are currently $50 yearly.

Please make sure to double-check your information.
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