To be eligible for membership in WAFCA, critics must meet the following criteria, at a minimum:

  • Applicants must be professional film critics, or very well-established non-professionals.
  • Applicants must publish at least 50 reviews in a single calendar year between January 1st and December 31st for full voting membership. Reviews must be published via one of four mediums – print, television, radio or online.
  • Published print or online reviews must consistently be a minimum of 400 words. Television, radio or podcast appearances only count as a part of an ongoing, existing show or broadcast.
  • As WAFCA is primarily an organization of film critics, other entertainment coverage cannot be applied to eligibility quota.
  • Applicants should reside in the Washington, DC/Virginia/Maryland area. In rare cases, out-of-area members may be considered if they are published via a DC-based or DC-themed outlet.
  • Applicants must present documentation of meeting the required minimums, and existing members must re-qualify yearly to maintain membership standing.

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